Extreme, Brutal Death Metal from Sacramento, Ca.

Defile the Weak


Awaken in sweat, my skin chilled and cold
I may have seen my own death, through the looking glass of my soul
Attempt to piece it together, illusion of the mind
The darkness starts to alter the formations that I find

Suffocating termination of your callous life
Malignant evisceration that the body cannot flee
Catharsis upon the signing of your epitaph

Of humanity 
Is far too much 
For you to grasp

Malevolent hatred of the living
Images of death fall from the sky
Resisting the view from my eyes, I overcome
Cephalic release from watching you die 

Martyrdomic terror flash through yellow eyes
Purgatorial laughter fills your hallowed cries

Defile the weak
Show them the way
Blasphemous deeds
To control their minds
Defile the weak
Grips them in death


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