Extreme, Brutal Death Metal from Sacramento, Ca.

Living Creatures


Maggots, restoring the flesh of dead wolves to life
Self sacrifice is their true redemption
Stygian angels summoned from hell
Into the region of their own free existence

Cruel images, far worse than dreams
Shall torture those, who treasure the dark
Serpent sprung, into fire
Growing wings, descends upon the shrine

Stale blood, a half inch of rot
Another calmer world of the dead
As decapitation occurs
The soul goes leaking through punctures of its own

Altar of sacrifice, scorchings of fire
Far in the, spiritual city
Sharp cries of agony, clashing of swords!
All alone in a gusher of black

Blood fills the gutters, a battered race is lost
The unburied are armed to butcher each other
A flash in the brain, haunts of horror and fear
Crack them for yourselves now and die

Living Creatures
Haunted with a hundred years of death

Living Creatures
Summoned into fire

Living Creatures 


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