Extreme, Brutal Death Metal from Sacramento, Ca.

Mind Deludes Mind


Penetrating veins with blood of black
Encompassing fear now engulfs me
Hardening of the arteries
Slowly coming death
There is no more reality
My mind is purged, my mind is sealed
Preparation for what is to come
Shrine of darkness staring down into my eyes 

Mind Deludes Mind

Feeling no pain
Life takes on a whole new meaning
Living not for
The point in which all thoughts will rot away

Those in control will fuck with us
Because we live our lives how we want
Feeding us with fear
Wanting to believe that our minds are not what they seem
Revelations yet to come
As we overpower our oppressors
Existing as though in a void
Or is this just a product of a chemical imbalance in my
Is gone
Dried out
Mind deludes mind
Skin stretched and torn
The blade to take your life is present
Breathe your last breath
Surviving is only a state of.....mind!

What's in
The mind
Is lost


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